The first week at University…

So today marks the end of a week at University. I cannot believe this time last week I was moving in and getting used to the idea that I would be living, eating, sleeping and most importantly working at the University of Portsmouth.

First, a little about me! My name is Rhiannon and I am studying Television and Broadcasting with my dream to be a children’s TV presenter and eventually have my own show. I chose Portsmouth because of the location, the atmosphere in and around the campus and the course, which I will formally commence on Monday.

The first week at University is probably the most anticipated for any new and upcoming University Student. Freshers. For me personally I do not like to drink so the thought of  going out  every night really scared me. However, I have used this week to just get to know everyone from chatting with my flat mates (who are really really lovely!!) and meeting the people who I have been talking to online before exams even started.

Some people are a bit sceptical about meeting people online but I was invited to a Facebook group which then turned into a huge Facebook chat and Skype chat which allowed me to make friends and contacts before University even began. I would strongly suggest to any University student that they also do this because it means that when you actually get to university it eases some of the worry of not knowing anyone.

Having moved in I met some of my flat mates and then spent the rest of the day with my parents buying the last bits and pieces and having a final goodbye Wagamama’s! Then came the very emotional goodbye and tears were shed. I was very overwhelmed, frightened and even felt slightly unprepared, my main issue being that I didn’t know how to ‘adult’, a long running joke between me and several of my now uni friends because you have to become so independent so quickly!

Looking back now induction week at University was actually a lot more calmer than I originally expected with lectures on course content, fire drills and an intriguing video on how to use ladders. I also learnt the importance of grabbing my key when the fire alarm goes off as I managed to lock myself out of my flat (luckily my flat mates saved the day and let me in!!) I spent the weekend with my new found friends and flat mates and am looking forward to starting my course for real on Monday.


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