Uni Life, Year Abroad

My Uni Experience

This month’s blog challenge is to write about my university experience. Thinking back over the last three years I can’t help but to smile. Moving abroad was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made.

Of course it hasn’t been always sunshine and rainbows, but when I took my first steps in Portsmouth in September 2012 it was definitely showing off it’s good side with a whole week of amazing weather.

I had never been to the UK when I moved over for uni. Nor did I know anyone in Portsmouth. So moving into Halls was quite an experience. I lived with five English people and one guy from Hong Kong. All a nice bunch, and we mostly got along, except when it came to sorting out the bins in the kitchen, of course.

Many of my friends from first year I actually met online in one of the Freshers’ Facebook Groups. We met up instantly when we were all settled, and we all kinda stuck together throughout the year. Most friends I made after I arrived all lived in the same Halls as me and it was fun being able to go visit each other in our PJ’s!

When I started my course it was really exciting as well, although it took me a while to get into it since it was all in English. My English wasn’t all that bad, but since I study International Relations many complicated terms were used, plus my lecturer was Irish and I could not understand what she was saying at all.

Overall first year was a good year filled with new and exciting experiences, and I didn’t regret moving abroad at all. But at the same time when packing my suitcases to go back for second year I wasn’t all too keen on heading back to Portsmouth.

251306_4659624209340_1808387268_n 408299_4672190003477_46130974_n

But it definitely picked up second year and it turned out to be one of the best years of my life!

Not so much housewise, though. I ended up living with one of my flatmates from Halls and three of my friends. I now only keep in contact with two of them.

But I joined the committee of Cinema Society and got more involved with the Union, which totally made my second year what it was. I met most of my current friends through the Society, and through them I also met my boyfriend. I started going out a lot more, and really had a blast.

Coursewise this is when I had my little panic period. I didn’t want to go abroad third year and I was looking at other universities because I wanted to quit.

960063_10202470716509943_1465431295_n 1390494_10202243942800742_972500084_n 1510545_10202658345720556_921396716_n

Luckily I didn’t, I went abroad, and a year later I only have six weeks left in China, I speak to my friends in the UK every day and I’ll see my boyfriend in August after being in a long distance relationship for 14 months.

I have definitely learned a lot from these three years. That I can live basically anywhere, I adapt pretty easily. My English has certainly improved. I’ve become a lot more independent, I can now handle a challenge, and my self-confidence has definitely grown. I am no longer afraid to stand up for myself and do what I want to do. I’ve also had the chance to travel across the UK and China, which has been amazing.

One year left of university and I can’t wait to get back to Portsmouth! I am soo excited to see my friends again, move into my new house, start my new units. Not too keen on having to do my dissertation, though, but I’m sure it will be fine. I think next year will be a very busy but good year!

10897129_10205454592304973_4907720978915588592_n 10959713_10205730997054919_6384490450670525296_n 11034249_10205960010660116_3142124068668668021_n 1450273_10205835098537391_2809951997382497833_n DSCF6588


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