Course, Other University Factors

My University Journey

How to sum up the last four years? That’s a difficult question.

Overall, I would say that I have loved my course and everything I have learnt and experienced through it. But University is not just about the course you choose to study, its a number of other factors. At university, you learn to be independent, move away from home, juggle responsibilities and build friendships. These were my challenges. I haven’t had the best luck or experience with housemates over the two years I lived at university, this final year has been the best as I live with my boyfriend and have finally got a great group of girl friends on my course.

First year, living in halls is a new experience and you have to embrace it. At the time it was ok but looking back on it now, I remember the bad bits more than the good. Having to live with four boys and one girl, I didn’t really get on with had its challenges. Second year, I nearly broke and left university due to my housemates. Luckily I found my boyfriend at this time and he helped me through. From these two living situations, I am not in contact with any of the people I lived with, I guess that sums up a lot. Even Placement year, living at home with the parents and earning money, wasn’t what I had planned. The job opportunity I organised in the Caribbean fell through at the last minute which lead to the back up plan, which wasn’t as good and caused a lot of stressing at the time. But I guess every cloud has a silver lining, my last year has been the hardest in terms of course but the best. I feel I have found myself and who I want to go on to be. I want to be strong and confident, to enjoy life with all my family and friends that I have made for life!

I am proud of myself for pushing through the difficult times as it has made me the person I am today. I have got a university degree under my belt which will always hold the strong memories of ups and downs in the last four years!


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