F is for Fuelling Your Mind …

Revision is upon us and exam dates are drawing near. It’s time to focus, this is the last push for me to get the grades I really want. I am revising so much and with four exams fast approaching, the pressure is on.

The best part about revision is getting the new pads of paper and the colourful pens, so go and treat yourself to a whole new load of stationery. It makes revision more fun and also gets you out in the sunshine for a little bit. I have bought a new A4 pad of paper and two smaller books along with 4 new funky coloured pens to categorise my revision. My a4 pad is for my mind maps, writing down all the little bits of knowledge and notes I have from the lecture slides and seminar notes. Its important to get definitions down with correct citations for easy marks in the exam, so these are listed in one of my smaller books. Then I have questions and answers on everything I have revised to test myself later. This method is working for me as the repeat writing is letting the knowledge sink in.

Revision is a personal process as everyone learns differently. This is the time to find something that works for you and stick with it. For me, being organised has really helped – I have given myself enough time, to revise for all 4 exams allowing me to carry out about 3 hours of revision a day. Which is enough for the brain.

Fuelling it is important, drinking lots of water allows your mind to stay focussed and concentrate on the task at hand. This also means more wee stops as mini breaks which helps digest the information. Don’t cram to much in at one time, I find you just don’t remember it. Eating healthy is much better than pigging out on the junk food which everyone does at revision time. A piece of fruit will go much further than a chocolate bar especially when we are sitting so much! Which brings me onto exercise! Exercise makes me feel more energised and allows me to remember more, so go for a walk round the block, go to the gym for an hour, go play football with your mates. Just don’t forget to make time to revise.

Friends and group revision will also help, I find teaching others, teaches myself. By breaking down the information makes it easier to understand and more memorable. It also makes it a lot more fun as you can have a gossip whilst revising!

These are your exams, you have to sit them, its going to be your result at the end of the day, so only you can prepare yourself. If you haven’t start yet, I suggest you do now! If you have, well done! Keep going, your so close to the end. Just think this time next month …


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