Time Flys By…

Its week 22! Where have the last 22 weeks gone??

Having been at Portsmouth for 4 years now, I can say “that went fast”! Coming back from my Placement year and jumping into the final year has been a real struggle. It seems that not just me but some of my classmates have found writing academia hard work after having a year in the working world and forgetting pretty much all we learnt. I have to recommend the study support staff though, they really helped me with some of my coursework and my dissertation. Take advantage of their services as much as you can!

Web: http://www.port.ac.uk/studysupport

Email: studysupport@port.ac.uk

Tel: 02392 84 4007

Therefore this year, I have spent most of my time in the library, especially this term as my dissertation deadline is fast approaching. I have found my favourite spot and the best times to go, (I would tell you but don’t want you taking my spot ;)) IMG_3464

The life of a 4th Year:

I was walking home with one of my best friends, Sophie today and we were discussing plans for the weekend. She told me that she is really excited to go home this weekend, not just to see her mum and family etc but to have a BATH! That just made me think about how much our lives have changed from starting uni till now and how the different needs of individuals have changed. Also made me giggle haha, I guess its the little things.



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