Portsmouth, Year Abroad

Going back to Portsmouth

As we didn’t have Christmas Break this year we’ve just had a month off to celebrate Chinese New Year. Five amazing weeks! I kicked off my holiday with a trip back to Portsmouth. The flight from Wuhan via Hong Kong to London seemed to take forever, and when I finally landed it was a very emotional moment. After six months in China I was incredibly happy to be back on English grounds.

Arriving back in Portsmouth was so strange. The whole city seemed much smaller than it did a year ago, probably due to Wuhan being such a big city I’m just not used to the smaller ones anymore. It was nice to walk the familiar streets of the uni campus again and to see people around that I recognised. Of course I headed straight to the Student Union once I was back, for a snakebite and a catch-up with my friends!

I stayed in the UK for two weeks of my holiday. A few days after I arrived in Portsmouth I went on an overnight trip to Brighton. This was my first time in Brighton, and I must say I fell in love with the Pier area straight away. People were not joking when they told me Brighton is nice. We were lucky with the weather when we were there and I got to witness a really nice sunset from the beach while watching a massive flock of birds playing on the sky. Incredible! I also saw some of the other famous sights of the city, like The Lanes, The Royal Pavilion, and Hove. I also dropped by the village of Angmering on the way back to Portsmouth. Back in Norway I grew up watching English crime series on TV and have always had a thing for cute English villages, and Angmering fits the description of a stereotypical English village perfectly.

Back in Portsmouth I spent most days catching up with different friends and eating my favourite foods. As I don’t have a kitchen in my halls in China it was nice to finally cook again! I appeared on Pure.fm with two of the other student bloggers. I had never been on the radio before and I really enjoyed it. I was quite nervous before I went on because I always giggle when I’m in front of a camera so I thought I would do the same on the radio. But it went alright! I also ran for the position of President of the University of Portsmouth Cinema Society for when I return next year, and I got it! So happy! I was Vice President of the society last year, and I’m excited to be on committee again next year. Hopefully I will make a decent President and not screw it up!

My two weeks in Portsmouth went by so quickly, and I had such a great time. I even got to celebrate Valentine’s Day, have Sunday Roast and see the annual Chinese New Year Show in King’s Theatre. Thank you for everyone who made my two weeks a great stay and I can’t wait to be back 100% in September.

The next two weeks of my holiday I spent traveling around China, which I is what my next post will be about!


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