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Live TV!

Hello again! So as you may, or may not, know I study TV & Broadcasting. To many this might simply mean another episode of Jeremy Kyle or a quiz show turned around in 45 minutes but it’s so much more than that .. it’s hours of planning, paperwork, filming and then, when it comes to the live part, running around like a mad hatter for a little bit until all is finished. So I wanted to give you an insight into my course and what it is I do! There’ll be more coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

A8e8fs part of my course we work in 6 groups and put on a show in these teams.. this week was our week and I put myself forward as a producer. This meant I had to plan the show, organise the show and make sure everything slots together nicely.

After deciding I wanted 3 interviews we then had to fill the rest of the time with VTs (or VideoTapes) – basically a number of short films to give a bit more information. Now this process took about 4 weeks from start to finish and involved several days of pulling my hair out, wracking my brains over ideas and tonnes and tonnes of emails.

So then it’s on8cto the filming part. Now I personally enjoy going to shoots – not just to get paperwork signed but for the atmosphere and feeling involved.
Shoots can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours – you have to get your interviews, the bits and pieces you cut away to, the opening shots.. so it’s a lot more than just point and shoot!

Then you’ve got scriptwriting and editing to do in your group. Of course, whilst all this is going on I also have to organise guests! As you can see from the pictures – this show was themed around creative arts with community running through it.

Finally it comes to show week – you have to make sure every bit of paperwork is done. This includes things from making sure where you’ve filmed is health and safety approved.. to the timings of the show. Lots of print credits later and you have a beautifully formed folder full of paper. (I’m a bit of an organisational freak if you can’t tell!)

Rehearsals get hectic; you’re running here and there meeting people, te8blling people where to go and then you’re trying to stay on the phone with someone calling times at you which you have to pass on to a room full of people.

So after hours of everything pre-filmed and planned it boils down to 30 minutes..
In our show we had information about community based projects, sport as a motivator to help counteract stress, information about the Drama and Performance course and an amazing interview with The Turnblads from Hairspray!! It was so entertaining and so great to watch back. To know you and your team have been part of a journey and to see an audience laugh and enjoy themselves is wonderful.

And as much as Live TV can be hectic and busy and stressful – it gives you an adrenaline like no other. It’s a buzz that you can’t describe until you’ve done it and I wouldn’t swap any of it for the world.
Make sure you check out the show here…


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