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Job S.O.S Mini Series | Part 2: THE HUNT

Read part 1 here!
6bThe second in the job SOS series looks at the hunt for the job. Looking for a job can feel like an endless supply of rejections or, in some cases, no replies at all! Perserverence and persistence is key – it may feel demoralising but KEEP GOING! You’ll get there 🙂
Often we frantically apply for a job, fill in a form, send off our CV and we’re done. It’s very rare that, when we’re desperate, we apply for jobs that we actually want to do and read the specifications properly. Then a few days later a call comes through and, gulp, we’ve forgotten that we’ve appled for a job in a place we wouldn’t’ve have purposefully applied for had we read the listing properly!
Be wise with your job hunt. If you apply for a job you can’t see yourself working in or a place you can’t travel to then don’t apply! If you end up getting the job you might absolutely hate it and are more likely to quit or it may lead to disappointment.
Remember, it’s important to ‘go for it’ but still be selective of your job choices. It’s better to put your all into one application you love than it is to apply to copious amounts of job listings (some you might love, some you might hate) with sloppy applications.
It’s the old catch 22 – can’t get a job without experience, can’t get experience without a job. But experience is key to talk about on your CV and during your interview so whilst your waiting for job applications/replies look into volunteering opportunities to enhance your job hunt.
Not only does this give you something to do rather than continually refreshing job sites but it gives you a better insight into the job industry, helps you interact with customers and also gives you relevant information to talk about and bring up in the future. Purple door, Vinspired and Portsmouth government websites are good places to look for experience.
Networking is key. A lot of companies now look for bloggers, on Facebook, twitter, Linked In and various other social networking websites. Some people have in fact found jobs online that weren’t necessarily advertised on websites. Remember to look on local websites or student Facebook pages for information on upcoming jobs as well..
Next time you’re on a social networking website consider how you may come across to a potential employee!
Utilise Purple Door! Not only do they help with CV writing and interviews but they post all the latest job opportunities and ensure that applying is easy!
Jobseekers are also helpful as they post a list of jobs that are updated daily that are provided by the jobcentre plus. I also recommended Indeed that few people have heard of but list jobs hourly and are frequently updated. Some of the jobs on there seem quite random and are skill specific but there are the odd glimmers that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.
It worked in the past and it can still work now. There are some ‘local’ stores that aren’t big chains that take on people based on handing in CVs rather than online applications. Have your CV prepared in a little see-through slippery file or an envelope and, if you’re feeling brave, ask to speak to the manager. Not only does this make it personal but you know that your CV is going directly to them.

Look out for part 3: THE INTERVIEW coming soon!


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