Just a quick hello!

Hi Student blog followers! My name is James and I hope to be posting as regularly as possible with, well, whatever I think seems interesting at the time! As this is my first post, I thought I’d give an introduction to me and give you all a feel for what I’m about!

This is my fourth year in Portsmouth having completed my undergraduate degree in Biology. I’m currently enrolled onto a research programme investigating plant reproduction (it is genuinely great- don’t doubt it!). I’ve a great love and passion for science in general so look forward to any thoughts I have about particularly awesome space stuff or other great stuff worth talking about.

Something else I feel very strongly about is the city of Portsmouth. Staying in the city for my MPhil was a double whammy opportunity because I get to stay here! There are some fantastic places to explore, things to see and do and great independent shops and things/ memorabilia. I’m going to do my best to pass on some of the awesome things I’ve learned about the city so you can get to grips with how cool this place is!

By way of hobbies- I’ve been playing tennis for years and years: coaching, going to Wimbledon and all the fun stuff- big love of the sport with an unnatural soft spot for Federer. I spend a lot of my spare time reading- I’ll do my best to pass along info about ones I’ve been particularly caught up in or which, in my opinion are really worth a read!

I hope to be bringing plenty of interesting posts to the internet as and when I have something to share,

Feel free to get in touch,



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