Making first year count!

So Fresher’s week is well and truly over, as is Halloween and now we’re fast approaching the next semester of the year. You may have heard people say that “You only need to get 40 in first year” and you might have heard that first year allows everyone to be up to date with each other. At this stage you may start wondering – what’s the relevance of first year?
Well I’m here to tell you about the crucialities of first year (both course-wise and personality-wise) and how to make it count…

  • You build foundations
    In my first year I learnt about areas of Television that I thought may have been less relevant and was quite confused at when I would use it in the future. Low and behold those basics I learnt in my first year are skills I’ve also built upon in second and third year! So whilst it may not seem it now – it’s all important.
  • It gets you into the swing of deadlines
    Depending on your degree you may be handing in coursework quite regularly so it’s best to get into the swing of it in your first year. Plus it gives you an idea of your learning style – maybe you get more work completed in the library, or maybe you’re better working in a room with your friends; first year gives you the opportunity to discover what style you prefer without as much pressure.
  • It gives you an idea of what grades you might be getting
    If you commit to your workload (whilst still having fun, of course) first year gives you an idea of what grades you’re looking at. If you want a 1st but are continually achieving 2:1s or 2:2s now is the time to look into ways of getting higher grades for future reference. This is the perfect time to learn how to reference properly and speak to your lecturers and personal tutor about what grade you want to attain and how to get there!

Not only this but first year gives you more independence and allows you to explore what sort of person you are. Before I came to Portsmouth I had never seen beyond Essex and London whereas now I’ve visited Worthing, Isle of Wight, Chichester, Brighton and Oxford. You also get a chance to see a little bit of Portsmouth; you’ll start learning your shortcuts to and from lecture rooms and by the end of the year you’ll know your favourite places to stop for lunch and nights out. And of course, you get to choose your next house (and housemates) for second year!
First year really is important; it builds the foundations for years onwards and I know I certainly learnt a lot in first year!
Here’s a few snaps of my Fresher’s year at University 🙂

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