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Exchange student more than one year Abroad

How the title says, I’m an Exchange Student and I come from very far- I’m from Brazil and I arrived here in May when I started to do PSE (Pre-Sessional English Course), a course to help non-English speakers to improve their English level. So far I can say the experience with the University is really different from Brazil, here we need to be more organized, with time in Brazil we used to have lectures all day, everyday (Mon-Fri) or lectures from 8 to 12. But this is not my real challenge, the real challenge is cooking. Before I arrived in Portsmouth, my skills in the kitchen was near to zero, now I can say: “Cooking is possible to me, thank you Google!”

Well, let me introduce myself my name is Wesley Reuel, I’m from Natal in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, one of the hottest cities in my country. I used to say we have four seasons “Summer, Warm, Hot and Super Hot”, if you like a real beach that is the city you need to go to. I’m doing Software Engineering, and this week I got homesickness. Since the Autumn started it is almost impossible not to feel melancholy. I see leaves falling from trees for the first time because the Autumn is really beautiful but it makes me remember my home where we just have Sun all the time. Besides the homesickness the Autumn colours are really amazing and I think I will miss this time when I’m back home.


Missing Home

Missing Home


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