New start, new face!

As a third year student I’ve been through halls, got myself several jobs, balanced work and friendships, endured several shaky housing situations, joined a few societies, explored new foods and managed to obtain good results!
Now, I want to share my journey with you; what I’m doing now, my University choices, a series of advice posts and interesting insights into University life!


So a little bit about me?
I’m in my final year of Television and Broadcasting which means I help run the CCI TV Channel for the University (if you want to catch us live we go out to Portsmouth Big Screen on Guidhall Square every Friday at 12 o’clock)! I also work for the Marketing Department and am a Student Mentor at the University.
My hometown is Southend in Essex so Portsmouth is a good 3/4 hour journey for me (although it took an astounding 7 hours once!). I enjoy writing, filming and spending my time watching youtube videos of McFly.
My favourite thing about Uni so far (apart from the friends I’ve made and the course) has to be the amount of exploring and adventures I’ve been on. Not only have I explored lots of areas of Portsmouth but I’ve visited the Isle of Wight, Brighton, Southampton (I know, I know “our rivals”) and Winchester! Portsmouth has taught me that the world is my Oyster.

My University experience has been the best three years of my life and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!


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