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The Final Year

I have been at Portsmouth University for 3 years now and I am now heading into my final year here. Coming back after placement year has been a bit of a shock. While I was away, I worked in Legoland as a food and beverage assistant for 6 months, then onto Jurys Inn as a receptionist for 10 months or so.

Having the year out was a learning curve and an experience I will be able to use in my future career. I did learn a lot while I was on placement but it was really interesting to see what the rest of my course mates had gone through too. Over our induction week, we had to do a presentation to the second years who are planning their placements now, but it was also a time where we could see how everyone else got on. Some of my course mates didn’t enjoy their time and many changed there plans during their year. I guess I did too by doing two placements.

Being back at Portsmouth is great! I love this city and I am lucky enough to live with my boyfriend this year. Its new responsibilities for the both of us with the bills and keeping the flat to a nice standard is difficult. But it has been great to see the familiar faces of course mates and lecturers. Getting used to where all the buildings were again was a challenge but I think Ive got it.

Coming back to finish my degree is the basic aim, this year Im really trying to push myself to get that first overall. Its time to study and finish what I started. This year, I am ready for it!