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Dissertation: done

Friday 25 April has been highlighted in my calendar for a while now. By 12 noon, all dissertations for this year had to be handed in. I’m pleased to say, for once, I didn’t leave it until the last moment – though I do feel I cut it close.
After a last minute meeting with my tutor on Thursday, and then several more hours finishing and printing my work, I was able to hand in my dissertation at 2.45pm – one day early! I’ll let you know how it went when I receive my results.
All that stands in my way to graduation is a very long project and two essays, and only two weeks to finish it all. It’s funny though, because no matter how stressed I am right now, I know I will miss this when it’s gone.

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Work overload

Although lectures finished in March, sadly this month has not been a relaxing time. With all the work I need to complete, plus thinking about post-graduation plans, my stress levels are maxed out. My room is a mess with books and papers, my mind is a jumble of words and thoughts.

By Friday, my dissertation must be bound and submitted to Park Building. That moment will be scary, but also a great relief! But it doesn’t end there. The following week I have to hand in an essay which I’m finishing now, and an entire project which I’ve yet to start. Following that will be my last ever deadline: one final essay.
And, then, it will be over.

All that will remain will be the joyous time of the Graduation ceremony and Graduation Ball in July. I’m very excited about these celebratory events. For the moment, I just need to focus my energies on the work at hand.

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Work Hard, Play Hard …

I have learnt a lot over the last couple of months and have a lot on my plate at the moment. I am really enjoying the placement experience and all that it’s throwing at me.

There’s a lot more to reception than meets the eye and the eight hour shifts I’m doing just don’t seem to be long enough to fit everything in. I must be doing something right as I was announced employee of the month for February and my picture hangs for all to see in the Lobby of the hotel.

Having this behind me has given me confidence in my role, its also drawn attention from passing guests. However my job isn’t the only thing I’m wanting to excel in. Heading into my final year is daunting enough, especially when I’ve had a year in the world of work, away from it all. We had a placement review day some months back and it got me thinking about my dissertation, the tip was to start early so here I am. So far I’ve picked a general path for my project to go down and I’ve started reading around the subject to get more of a base for it. I want a topic I can relate too, enjoy and have some first hand experience to write about.

Focus is key at the moment but I’m glad I get time to play hard too. Last Thursday work put on a bowling night which ended up in a club (no idea) but it was a fabulous night out. Its good to know the people I work with are a bit of a laugh and a little bit crazy .. like me.