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The Final Run

I suspect like many students, I thought this day would never come. Not quite graduation, but getting pretty close to it; this is my final ever week of lectures and seminars at university.

It isn’t the time yet for a full reflection on university, considering that I have two essays, a 4,000 word project and of course the good ol’ dissertation to hand in very, very soon. However, to know that this is my last official week of university is a gasp-worthy moment. To say those words, “the final week”, is really quite strange. For a moment, it feels as if the floor has dissolved under my feet, and I’m floating in an out-of-body-experience type moment. It doesn’t seem possible.

All I can say to anyone considering a degree is that, on the first day you step into a lecture, it seems you have a long way to go. When you’re studying furiously for an assignment you should have started weeks ago, it feels as if the workload will never end.

I’m here, nearing the end of that journey. It does end, and much too quickly.
I’ll give it one last burst of energy.
This is the final run.


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