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It’s Christmas Time …

Well its that time of year again. Spend the most money and eat the most food, but generally I think everyone is slightly happier at this time of year. I am excited about this year (as always) but I’m a little bit disappointed too. I’ve only got Christmas day and boxing day off this year which is nice but such a change from the University schedule. Christmas is a nice break from work and the stress of uni normally, but not for me this year. Which has made me think about the following years too. I’m looking into getting a part time job next year just to help with the rent and things as I’m getting my own flat, but I guess that also means not getting a Christmas break next year either. Looks like I’ve finally entered the real World.

I suppose its because I’ve decided to go into the Hospitality Industry, where we stay open so others can enjoy this time of year outside of their own homes. I’m still thinking the career choice through. I enjoy hospitality but I don’t want to do it forever.

Working in reception, I get to meet lots of different people everyday but I still get nervous every time I go to work. Scared of messing up and doing things wrong, or getting stuck with a customer complaint. I’m still new and still learning, and until I’ve learnt everything I’m worried my confidence isn’t going to come out and save me. At least next week I’m only working 3 days of the week and get to enjoy quality time with my friends and family. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


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