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Update: Design Project and Christmas Spirit

Yesterday I had the final review for my first major project of this year. I’m sure I’ve explained what a review is before but basically we have to stand up in front of our studio groups and present our project, in the same way you would to a client. After the review we get feedback from peers and tutors to improve on our work for our final portfolio. As always the build up was STRESSFUL (notice the capitals) and it was in the last week that my housemates and I realised just how much more demanding second year is.  However, its all over now, and finally an opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep – not that we’re given long, with our next project being set tomorrow!

After review on Tuesday, one of my housemates Aimee and I went for a walk; just to clear our heads, get out of ‘work mode’ and a get a bit of fresh air. As the evening set in we took a stroll down Palmerston Road where sparkling Christmas lights greeted us along with market stalls selling cute gifts and delicious looking food, Christmas cupcakes decorated with miniature Christmas trees and Father Christmas’ though of course I gave into the warm mince pies with brandy cream. I was told that on Saturdays there is a much bigger market, so I’m heading down there again this weekend with some friends who are coming to visit from home. Going for a walk really got me into the Christmas/wintery mode, walking along the seafront as the sun was setting really made me appreciate how much I enjoy living in Portsmouth, and what a lovely city it is!

Tonight I’m going out on a social, at the beginning of this year I joined UPEC – University of Portsmouth Equestrian Club – and we’ve got a Harry Potter themed social tonight! As HP is one of my favourite things of all time its safe to say I’m just a little bit excited about it!

Just a short update for today, time for classic pesto pasta and dressing up as Ginny Weasley!



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