A New Start …

Tomorrow is a big day for me as I’m starting my new job. May sound strange coming from a uni student, but being on placement is all about getting the most out of the year. After doing nearly 6 months at Legoland, I am ready to find a new challenge. My new role is as a receptionist, something I have done before but not on this big scale.  When I went for my interview they explained to me how busy the hotel could become and explained I may be there alone to deal with about 5 different things at once, you can imagine how I’m feeling now…I’m glad it isn’t in the food and beverage sector as I feel I have completed that role as much as I can at the moment and hope this new role allows new doors to open.

My placement year isn’t at all how I imagined it would be. When I set out for the course back in 2011, I felt like it would boost my CV and make me stand out for when I leave university. Now that I’m actually doing it, sometimes it feels like a waste of time. However having this new job, I hope to feel like I’m more on the right path and have a chance to finally get on with my placement and learn as much as I can from the industry.

The possibilities are endless (just need to survive tomorrow)


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