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Update: Half Way Point

Last week we shockingly reached the half way point of the first term and I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone already! The fact that it is now November and the countdown to Christmas is beginning is scary – I feel like I’ve only just started writing 2013 as the date instead of 2012!

The term so far has gone reasonably smoothly, Architecture is one of the courses that has a ‘research week’ in week 6 which means we have a week with no lectures – a perfect opportunity to catch up on overdue coursework! As always though, I planned to get loads done, and although I did do some work, being at home during my brothers half term was too much of a distraction and I ended up spending a lot of time with family and catching up with friends (which was lovely!) The date of our final review for our first major project is quickly approaching, and panic is just about to set in. I’m getting through this week trying to tie up loose ends and then knuckling down on Monday, as this weekend I’m taking my two lovely housemates home with me for the weekend so they can experience a traditional Sussex Bonfire night!

I’m feeling like this week hasn’t been terribly productive, but then again, I have had conjunctivitis so I have to cut myself a bit of slack! I’m always so hard on myself if I don’t spend my days constantly doing work, probably why this blog gets neglected some of the time. However I don’t think this is a bad thing, at least it shows I care about my work and want to do well!

Second year is already completely different from first year – in good ways and bad, there’s always that underlying thought of ‘this year actually counts’ which definitely adds a bit of pressure. Second year so far has been like the end of first year in terms of workload, but they seem to be expecting more work in a smaller time frame! There’s also more to think about in terms of our building design, everything just needs to be more detailed and refined, and we’ve also got the added pressure of trying to teach ourselves a gazillion different CAD software’s all at the same time!

One thing I’m definitely sure of, is I 100% chose to live with the right people, I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to get through Uni without them!



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