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A New Look in Park Building

Final year is certainly a challenging time. Not only do I need to continue the research for my dissertation (having just handed in a 2000 word starting piece), I need to keep up with my other demanding units. More than this, the big question is the one which most people try not to think about while at university. Sadly, in my last year, this question in now unavoidable: what comes next?

Taking a PGCE is something I have always considered, and after talking to a careers advisor at Purple Door I realise I need to start seriously thinking about this if I wish to apply for one.

It’s also impossible to believe that we are now approaching Week 5, thus I am nearly half way through the first term!

Park Building, despite being currently covered in scaffolding for repair work, has undergone some modernisation on the inside. Specifically, there is a completely renewed café on the ground floor (Boutique Expresso) and shiny new toilets as well. Though the café looks undoubtedly very modern now, I sometimes miss seeing the café as it was when I started my degree two long years ago.
I guess just like Park Building, I too need to start thinking about moving on.



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