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When Time Didn’t Stand Still

March 2013 signalled the end of all lectures of my Second Year. Then it was the April holiday which merged into the stressful exam time of May. Then summer hit and June, July and August went by all too quickly.

It’s was a fun summer break, and a productive one too in many respects, though work on my dissertation has yet to commence!

The weather now has dropped as we descend into autumn, and a return to study. I do feel well organised, and ready to take the plunge of a lot of hard work in this Third and final year to get the best out of my degree. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m excited to realise how close I am to my final goal of achieving my degree. Although I would have loved a few more weeks to be lazy, the time has come to start work again.

I’m very excited, and just a little nervous. Here we go!

Oh, and here’s some classic ELO from 1981, singing about when time did stand still. All I can say is that it certainly didn’t for me so far this year!


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