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A Summary of my Summer

My Summer has mainly consisted of two things:

1)   Working

2)   Spending all the money I have earned and was supposed to save.


Now that all sounds rather dreary, but the spending money part was fun! Despite the fact I spent a lot on, well, not a lot, here is another list of the worthwhile (and not boring like car tax) things that I spent my (well-earned) wages on:

1)   Visiting two Uni friends, one in Essex and one in Gloucester,

2)   Going for a long weekend to the New Forest with my lovely boyfriend,

3)   Catching the train to Portsmouth several times to spend time with my boyfriend who is now doing a placement year,

4)   Going on holiday to Cornwall with my family,

5)   Going to London Zoo with my Mum and brother (admittedly my Mum actually paid for this but I thought it was worth adding anyway!)

6)   Seeing Mumford and Sons at the ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ festival in Lewes – 5 miles from where I live!

7)   A shiny new (beautiful) MacBook Pro (which I’m currently typing this blog on)

8)   New shoes!

9)   Going to Wimbledon (again, I didn’t pay for but was a lovely day out nonetheless!)


As you can see, I had a pretty jam-packed summer, but all I can comment on is how fast it went! You hear people say it time and time again but I honestly cannot believe that I spent four months at home, and I’m now back at University again starting second year. Towards the end of the summer, and especially in the last few weeks when I was beginning to pack and get everything sorted again for Uni I couldn’t wait to get back, to see my friends, and even start lectures again!

Come two months time and I won’t believe that I said that!



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