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I’ve Started So I’ll Finish

It’s an interesting concept – the idea that we don’t like to stop when we are midway through something. I bring this up because I recently read this article about the ‘Two Minute Rule’ to stop procrastination. The concept says that if you have something you don’t want to do (revision, hoovering, writing a dissertation) the best way to do it is to say to yourself “I’ll only do it for 2 minutes”. It makes sense, as I often find the hardest part of doing any work is getting started.

Once you’ve got started on it, you are very likely to continue and finish the job. We need to give ourselves the momentum to do something, and once we are rolling things don’t seem do difficult any more.

Even if you don’t get the whole job done in one go, a few minutes here and there will soon break down the workload. I’ve used this technique recently to finally de-clutter my bedroom cupboards, which were overflowing with old college notes and childhood toys.

The only downside to the Two Minute Rule is that is shouldn’t be applied to morning lie-ins, where two extra minutes can easily turn into another two hours in bed, which never helps to get a lot done!


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