Course, Other University Factors


So I’m currently on a Placement year, meaning I have to achieve 48 weeks working in a section of the Hospitality Industry. Oh as well as keeping up with my coursework on it which becomes difficult when you start working full time.
The thing is, I’m not sure if its worth it. When I decided to take on this sandwich course, I believed it would be excellent on my CV and help when I got out into the World of work. However now I’m here, I’ve realised that my placement is the World of Work, so going back to uni next year is only to be quite a challenge.
On top of that it was really difficult to find any placements, as I’m sure your aware the job market is a bit small at the moment and even graduates are having issues finding anywhere to work, never mind in something you want to do! So I’ve ended up in a placement which isn’t really benefitting me and wasting another year of my life.
Maybe I should have thought about this beforehand. But Id love to hear what others feel about Placement years, so feel free to leave your comments 🙂


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