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Let the (productive) Summer begin!

It’s nearly been one whole month since my last ever Second Year exam, and I still don’t feel I’ve fully recovered! Apart from spending some time with friends and family, I’ve mainly been composing myself, mentally and physically, from all the exciting (and sometimes stressful) events which have taken place in my Second Year. There always seemed to be so much happening all at once – but then, that’s life, I suppose!

As I do on any break, I’ve been enjoying a few lie-ins, and spending days with no particular goal in mind. If I’m honest, it’s the first time in a long while I’ve allowed myself to relax – probably because I’m feeling very happy and secure with my degree, and also that it has dawned on me how very little time there is before I must once again re-enter the scary world of work!

Last summer, I must admit I found myself a little bored at times. This year, however, I’m already feeling the time will go by quicker than I would like, which in a strange way is quite a nice thing. I know friends who are staying in Portsmouth, I have some great family holidays planned, I have an Xbox360 on which I can duel fearsome aliens in the distant future, and I have a feeling I should probably start looking into that dissertation thingy! So it’s fair to say I shouldn’t be bored over the next couple of months.

I’ve got my results back from this year, and I’m ecstatic that I am on my way to a First class degree. It’s been a very fun, and productive, Second Year. This should continue into a very fun summer break. And yeah, I’ll try and be a bit productive as well!


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