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Another one bites the dust (exam, that is)

Phew! It’s been a busy week, and I’m glad to have reached the end of it. You guessed it – it was my first week of exams! And it was a triple whammy. First of all was an essay hand-in for my US Government and Politics unit, where I spent a lot of time researching Obama’s highly contested healthcare bill. I now consider myself a minor expert on the PPACA, or Obamacare is it is better known.

Then was my most dreaded exam – Japanese. I’m pleased to say that a few group revision sessions with my course friends really paid off. Yesterday was the final assessment for my Key Issues in Development unit, which involved writing 2 mini-essays under exam conditions.

So yes, it has been stressful, but the one thing I’ve fortunately always been good at is managing stress. Of course, I could save myself a whole load of pressure if I wasn’t always leaving it so close to the deadline.

In my First year everything was handed in right up to the deadline. This year most things have been a bit of a last-minute panic. So I’m promising myself that next year, my final year, I won’t rush things. I especially don’t want to rush my dissertation, and I plan to make a start on that early in the summer. But that will come after I have completed my last two exams. At least I have a good week to revise before my next test. The only annoying thing is that I seem to have succumbed to a slight cold, no doubt as a result of cramming hard this week.

Oh, if you’re interested in what the units mentioned above have entailed this year, fear not! I shall be giving you a run-down of all my Second Year units in my next post, so stay tuned. And seriously, don’t leave all your revision to the last minute!


One thought on “Another one bites the dust (exam, that is)

  1. Zephyria says:


    I just began learning Japanese, Blake. It’s much easier for me I think cuz many words are similar to Chinese.

    Strive on and u’ll enjoy a great summer. 😉


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