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Apologies and Updates

I should probably begin this post with an apology for not writing for so long. I have a very good excuse in that my laptop spent about a month in the laptop hospital 😦 and then when I returned to Uni it wouldn’t connect to the University internet! All is now well and I have managed to find a gap in my 9 hours of coursework days to fill everyone in!

The research project I mentioned in my last post has been finished and handed in, it took me a while to get going, and then a while to get finished, but alas it was completed with a day to spare and I am awaiting feedback!

Three weeks ago I had the review for my design project which I talked about in a previous post ‘New Project’. We have a review at the end of each project, this is where we have to pin up the work we have done, which are on A2 sheets, and present our ideas to our tutors and fellow students. We use drawings and scale models to explain our concept, its supposed to represent the type of situation you would be in when presenting an idea to a potential client when working in the industry. At the end of the review we get feedback and a provisional mark and we then have an opportunity to improve our work. All of my design work is handed in at the end of the year in a portfolio, which is then marked again to give us a final grade. I am currently in the final stages of completing my portfolio, which is being handed in on May 14th! 5 days! This is my last hand in, so technically, from Tuesday I have completed my first year of University!

Just a quick update for today, I’ll post again in the next couple of days to write more about how I feel my first year has gone!



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