Like the Legend of the Phoenix

While I’m still procrastinating about sitting down and actually thinking about writing an essay and starting my proper revision, I thought I’d share with you my current favourite songs to listen to on YouTube. I know, it’s important stuff!

Last week on Later Live With Jools Holland (who I saw live in December and reviewed for the Galleon), I was struck by the band Pheonix and their catchily powerful song ‘Entertainment’. The video is excellent and features a dramatic Korean storyline (though I’m not quite sure why). I also really like their song ‘Consolation Prizes’.

I’m also eagerly awaiting the release of Daft Punk’s new album, Random Access Memories, in late May. The current single from the album ‘Get Lucky’ is a real disco treat and will definitely be my soundtrack to the summer. What strangely links both Daft Punk and Phoenix is that they are French groups, and also that ‘Get Lucky’ starts with the line “like the legend of the phoenix”.


2 thoughts on “Like the Legend of the Phoenix

  1. Zephyria says:

    Can I just say “cool”?

    lol, kidding.

    I watched the Entertainment video, like it so. I feel it’s very dynamic, u know those words just burst out from the screen, like some beams of thrusting lights penetrate from the dark, or flashing lightning of the darkness.

    yet a little odd to me for they don’t have French accent as they should have. how about u?

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