Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted as I’ve been off doing exciting things during the easter break, working hard on coursework and preparing for presentations and hand-ins since I got back. It is that time of year when stress levels are high and students are usually found fast asleep in the library, nose deep in thick books on complex topics which happen to also act surprisingly well as a pillow.

Luckily for me, I have a bit of a break now until my next hand in so I can go back to doing the things I enjoy doing: Eating, watching TV, pretending I understand what my housemates are talking about when they discuss their dissertations, sleeping and of course an all-time favourite of everyone I know, complaining!

I can hear you now. “Oh no.” you say “Richard is going to write a blog post on why we should all be happy and shouldn’t complain about things.” Ah ha! You are wrong! (assuming you said that) Because I am going to make this post about why you SHOULD complain about things! (crazy right?)

Complaining is great, it helps you to vent your frustrations and maybe even helps you come to terms and solve problems that you might be facing.  Some of my closest friends at Uni have been made because we have had similar topics to complain about and that gave us something to talk about late into the night! In fact, that help makes my point further because what I want to talk about really is about complaining to the right people. Life is, as they say, what you make it and this applies to Uni as well. If there is something about your course which you don’t like and think can be improved, tell your course representatives, tell you lecturers, tell someone with some authority! So many times I have been sat with someone who has been complaining about an aspect of their course (sometimes that person has been me) and one question appears in my head, “Well why don’t you do anything about it then?”

The Student voice is a powerful thing. The University wants to hear your concerns and worries because most of the time, you are not the only one feeling them. If no one tells the University anything, how can it improve as a place of learning?

So you got a complaint? You got a worry? You feeling stressed and the pressure feels too much? Don’t keep it to yourself! Tell someone! Tell someone who can do something about it, because then something can be done about it. So my moral of my story today is: Everyone should be happy and complain about everything they can. Makes complete sense right?


One thought on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  1. And there I was, thinking that the Polish are the masters of complaining! I guess there’s so many of us here now, that your culture needs to adjust! Haha 😛

    But yes, I agree, complaining is good. It gets rid of the frustration building up!

    And on a completely unrelated note: OMG TODAY I SAW THE TRAILER FOR THOR 2 AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT. It’s awesome and I’m NOT complaining about any aspect of it ;D

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