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An End in Sight

The last month (well, the last term actually) has not been easy. Deadlines were constant, and as soon as one piece of work was handed in, another had to be started. The weather was mad: first there was cold, then snow, then sun, then rain and then freezing cold again. Isn’t it meant to be Spring already?

At times the constant focus on getting all the work done made it feel like I was living on another plane of existence. But now all the big essays have been handed in. I’ve done a Japanese speaking exam and delivered a great group presentation about an Argentinian political party. And that brings a sense of relief. The only thing left now is my dissertation proposal. Luckily, this is not marked, but of course I want to do a decent piece of work, as this will help me focus my research over summer. That needs to be handed in tomorrow… so I really should start writing it!

Yesterday I was elected as the Secretary of the newly formed ‘Japanese Language and Culture Society’. Yay! Though to be honest I don’t really like the title ‘Secretary’, (so if anyone asks, I’m the Vice-President!) Whatever you call me, it’s really cool just to have a position on the committee of an official Society. If you’re interested in joining us, come and find us! We really want new members!

So now we’ve finally reached that imaginary light at the end of the tunnel – tomorrow is the last day of classes for my Second Year. But of course the year’s not really finished yet. There will be exams and more essays to be done for the assessment period in May. So I guess April will not be a total holiday, but at least the pressure will be off for a while!

Have a great Easter!



One thought on “An End in Sight

  1. Zephyria says:

    Congrats, Vice-President!

    sorry for not having read your blog for a while. but it seems u r also being busy, right?

    the weather in here is also changeable, but today is rather hot. I just finished our Sports meeting opening this morning, which is really exciting, there are many handsome stu joining us. Do you like sports, Blake? I honetly hate it cuz I cannot balance my body very well. 😉

    good luck with your tests and have fun!

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