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The end is near (but let’s not be too dramatic)

It recently dawned on me that my University experience is coming to an end. Who would’ve thought, right? I mean, I was aware of this since the beginning of Year 3 (or Level 6 as they now call it), but now that the moment has come I can’t help but feel that the past three years have gone a little too fast and I have missed out on many things. But now it’s not the time to evaluate my time here. Now it’s time to get organised and finish all that needs to be done.

But first things first. Having finished my dissertation I now need to concentrate on my coursework which is due in on 28th of March. I need to pull myself together and finish before then, to avoid the crowded trains. I’m sure I can accomplish that, but it might involve some all-nighters at the library (which we’ve all done before) and litres of tea, which I’m slowly but surely becoming addicted to! 🙂 But it can be done! Speaking of all-nighters, I remember that once I spent a total of 16 hours straight at the library (starting from 6pm) and I was the first customer at the Union Co-op at 7am! But I got the work done and crashed immediately after getting home…

Moving on… Once a period of your life is ending, another one will start. Having said that, I am proud to announce that today I have submitted my Master’s application to King’s College London! The deadline for submission is tomorrow, so I can hear from them anytime soon! And I hope I at least get an interview with them! I am very excited about this, but at the same time I’m extremely worried. King’s College is the only place I’m applying to this year as it has the perfect course for me, but it’s very competitive and if I don’t get in… Well, I’m gonna have to organise my time somehow. I am already looking at graduate psychology jobs so I know what to expect, but I guess we’ll see what happens once I heard back from King’s College.

I’m having a lazy evening tonight, but I’m back to coursework from tomorrow – the work will not do itself after all! (Although sometimes I wish it would 😉 )


One thought on “The end is near (but let’s not be too dramatic)

  1. richard says:

    OH GOD THE END IS NEAR WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!….. Or at least Portsmouth Uni won’t be the same without us :P.
    Also I can brag to be one of the few people I know who hasn’t done an all-nighter. I just like sleep too much!

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