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Give It A Go…

Why come to university? For a degree? To become more employable? For the experience?

Well yes, all of those and so much more. Being in my second year, I’ve realised what university is all about. Things get a lot harder in the second year and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with it all. Can’t think what my last year will be like but thats 2 years away for me yet. But being at uni is about developing yourself as a person, creating memories that last a lifetime and experiencing all you can!

I recently visited the Beautiful city of Amsterdam with the Union for a very reasonable price and I want to encourage as many of you as possible to get involved in the Give It A Go Trips. How many people can say they’ve been to Disneyland Paris and Amsterdam in a year as a student? These opportunities don’t last forever so take everything that’s thrown at you!

This time of year is stressful for everyone, with deadlines suddenly upon us and exams right round the corner, there’s hardly time to have a life but be positive and use every second you have. I know students have a tendency to be lazy and waste days lying in bed but this isnt the time to be doing nothing. I have so much on my plate at the moment but the best feeling is knowing that i am doing everything that is given to me and well I may add.

It’s finally time to start living my life, my way with as much as possible in it!



5 thoughts on “Give It A Go…

  1. Blake says:

    I was wondering what you did in Amsterdam. Were there visits arranged, or were you free to explore the city by yourself?
    What was it like over there?

    I’d be interested to find out, it sounds like an excellent trip!

    • Fran says:

      We went for the weekend so had to fit a lot in under 2 days, we did the Anne Frank House, Heineken Tour which included a canal trip, Bols factory, Rjiks Museum, Amsterdam Museum, red light district, as much a possible really. The Union did provide trips to some of the museums including the Anne Frank House, Heineken Trip and also put on a bar crawl for Saturday Night but you didn’t have to do it if you didn’t want too. We went round on our own, it was a really good trip and the city is definitely worth the visit just watch out for the bikes! 🙂

  2. Daniel Hilsden says:

    I think you’ve answer the whole ‘why should I go to university?’ question quite well Fran. I hold similar beliefs to you about my own university experience -I went to Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge.

    I think I’d add self-improvement to your list; in the most broadest sense of the word. I’ve learned how to deal and work with people, adhere to deadlines and organise my time much more effectively.

    I was wondering if I could bug you sometime to answer some questions about student finances? I ask, because I noticed that you went to Disneyland (omg) and Amsterdam; for a student on a budget that strikes me as being a tough goal to meet financially!

    Nice reading your blog and keep on rocking!


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