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I was wandering around Southsea today, as you do, when I passed a pub called the White Horse. This got me feeling quite nostalgic as the last time I went there was the first day I moved to Portsmouth. My parents took me there for a final ‘send off’ meal (which was a very nice roast dinner if I remember correctly) after we moved my stuff into my room in halls. I remember it being packed with hundreds of students and their parents having exactly the same kind of meal. It was a weird experience.  Also, it was probably the last proper meal I got in a while as I had an absurd idea in my head back then that I could just live off jelly for a long period of time. Turns out, you can’t. Don’t do it people! You will regret it. Severely.

But anyway, back to the point. It is crazy how much I have changed since then. My hair is a lot shorter for a start, but there are other less obvious changes too. Last time I posted about work and how to cope with it, but this time I am going to focus on another part of university life. Opportunities. If I have one regret (apart from the jelly incident) it would be the opportunities I have had over the last few years which I have ignored because I am ‘not good enough’.  I shake an angry fist at my past self because he said that a lot.  “I can’t apply for that job I’m not good enough I can’t apply for that work experience, I’m not good enough. I can’t buy more food; I just bought ten pots of jelly. I can’t do that, I can’t do this blah blah blah.” Past Richard was a really negative person. He put himself down a lot.

Learn from my mistakes readers! Don’t put yourself down. You are your own worst critic. Try to do things! Things are exciting. If they help you towards a future career (which many opportunities in University might) that’s excellent! If you are doing it just for fun, it’s still excellent! But don’t limit your experience just because you ‘think’ it won’t work. If it doesn’t work, sometimes that is even better because you are left with the knowledge of what went wrong, and remember, knowledge is power. Now you can use that knowledge and improve upon where you fell short, then next time, boom, you are the best of the best. Unstoppable force. Numero Uno.

I didn’t realise what I was missing out on until probably about half way through 2nd year. Now I keep an eye open for new things which I might want to try out. A good example would be Creative Writing Society.  I joined it this year and recently got a short story I wrote once whilst there published!  You never know what you can achieve until you try.

Except eating just jelly for a week. Never try that.


3 thoughts on “Opportunities

  1. Blake says:

    A really thought provoking post, Richard.

    The first time I joined Uni, I didn’t take much of an interest in what was going on, and I had a very un-enjoyable year.

    When I started on my American Studies course, I set myself a target that I would give things a go, and get involved.
    I have had so much more fun, and met so many friends, from just doing new things. Becoming a student blogger was just one of those things I had to push myself to do, and I’m so glad I did.

    I completely agree, there are loads of opportunities at Uni – clubs, societies, work opportunities – and getting involved is the best way to have fun and try new things.

    Once I got over my fears, I have had such a great time. I can totally relate to what you’re saying: Go for it! Those opportunities won’t be there forever.

    • richard says:

      Yeah new Richard knows way cooler people.
      It is disappointing about the Jelly thing. I ate mainly raspberry flavour though so maybe if you mixed them up a bit you might last a bit longer!

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