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Done and dusted.

It is the 3rd of March and I’m proud to announce that  my dissertation is printed, bound and on my desk since Friday, together with all additional materials, ready to be handed in tomorrow – ONE FULL DAY before the actual deadline! And that is quite an achievement, especially for a person who usually finishes assignments at 5am on the day of the hand in. Having said that, while I was waiting in the queue to get my work printed, a girl behind me asked to be let through in front of all of us, as her dissertation was due in an hour! If I was in her shoes, I’d probably have a breakdown! I never felt so calm about my work.

It’s a funny feeling, but once  I got it printed, I became extremely bored. For the past few weeks all I did was working on my dissertation, and suddenly that work is done and I have nothing left to do… What can I say, it has been a very lazy weekend. But I deserved it 🙂

I’m aiming to have a few relaxed days and then back to work it is! Unfortunately there is still another deadline I have to make and two pieces of coursework to hand in. And I’m not gonna lie, they are quite extensive. One of them is a number of “blog entry” type short essays, centering around the idea of self. The other is a portfolio for my work placement. I’m guessing this will be the one I’m going to start with, as the deadline for the Master’s course application is fast approaching and my personal statement is still to be written. And that placement is the experience I am relying on to get onto that course, so… fingers crossed!

And once that coursework is done, it will be time for a break! And I’m really looking forward to that. I can’t wait to see my family and the new house they’re moving into. Just over 3 weeks to go…


4 thoughts on “Done and dusted.

  1. richard says:

    Hey that looks fancy! You actually managed to get some work done in the end! Well done! I’ll give you a high five next time I see you.

  2. Blake says:

    I love the picture Maria. It looks very smartly presented. Many congratulation on completing it early!
    What a great relief that must be!

    Good luck for the final few assessments 🙂

  3. Csilla says:

    Congratulations, Maria!
    Been reading your blog since the very beginning so I thought I might as well leave a comment once. ^_^

    Best of luck for your Master’s application!

    Let’s catch up in the break, it’s been a while! x

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