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I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for a good three and a half hours trying to make a start to this research project. The result – two pages of notes. This project has been looming over me since the 8th of January and I thought it may finally be time to make a start! I’m usually so caught up in my design work that my other units get pushed to the side, but as I’m (sort of) up to date with my current design work (see previous post ‘New Project – the panic has just about subsided – for now!) that I thought it might be time to give History and Theory some TLC. So far, checking emails, updating twitter, upgrading my phone contract, searching Spotify and painting my nails seem to have distracted me some what. What’s worse is knowing that over the road in Yates sits my boyfriend and my flatmates, having a few drinks and watching the football. If it wasn’t due to my stubborn nature of hating football and refusing to go and watch it I would also be over there with them.

The annoying thing is that this work isn’t particularly difficult. It’s partly a group project and partly individual, we’ve each been given a building that we have to research, and then we have to come together as a group and compare our buildings and present our research to everyone else. I’m lucky in that my building is quite well known in the world of Architecture and has a fantastic website which has the majority of the information I need. If you’re interested here is the link – It’s a really interesting building and I’m actually finding the research quite enjoyable, the only problem is that its a little too easy to click on ‘Open new tab’ and go onto Facebook – which in fact hasn’t changed since I looked at it 5 minutes ago. Note to self: Self-control needs to be worked on.

Ironically, I am now writing this blog in order to put off my work, but I’m reassuring myself that at least this is a productive distraction!

Ah well, off to make a cup of tea – and what I will not be doing is finishing off my tub of Ben&Jerry’s (currently 2 for £6 in Sainsburys in case anyone was interested 😉 )



3 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Blake says:

    Great blog!
    I know those distractions all too well…

    It’s funny how staring at Facebook or writing a blog post is so much easier than actually getting down to work!

    At least you have some notes, so there is a place to start,
    The building looks like a giant mosaic.

    Good luck for the project – try not to leave it to the last minute! I all to often have done.
    All the best,


  2. Daniel Hilsden says:

    The Casa Batlló is covered in evocative colours – it’s truly beautiful!

    I think that you’re maybe being a little too tough on yourself (though tough is good if you have a research project to finish) Caitlin, but it’s fine to be this way if you allow yourself a break now and then to keep your mind fresh!

    I assume you got this project finished in the end 🙂

    I was wondering if I could pick your brains about some financial matters? I noticed that you were keen to drop the chocolatey bomb-shell of the recent Ben&Jerry’s offer of 2 for £6 – would you be up for answering some similar questions regarding student finances in the near future?

    Keep on blogging!


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