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A Blogger’s Life

Seeing as we have some new bloggers who have recently joined us, I thought I would take a moment to consider my own blogging experience so far.

I had considered starting my own blog for a while before I came to University (though of course I never got round to it), so being a part of the blogging team has been a great pleasure. I’ve very much enjoyed expressing my own opinions and feelings about University.

It’s not always easy to find real opinions about University if you don’t know anyone who’s gone before. This was the case for me. Many of the concerns and misconceptions I had about uni stemmed from the fact that I had no-one to ask. It was this which made me want to become a blogger – I wanted to give others an honest impression of my experiences at University.

I’ve also found that blogging has provided a great way for me to record my own journey. Looking back at my previous posts, I can see how my own experience has developed.

More bloggers means more things to read about, which gives an even broader overview of life at University. Which is of course an excellent thing. I certainly look forward to learning more about my blogging comrades.


One thought on “A Blogger’s Life

  1. zephyria says:

    Does “Seeing as” in ur first sentence can function as “since”? I didn’t know this phrase before, so I guess it meant that way, right?

    The best thing of a blogger is to be perseverant and insightful. I used to write a lot but after a while I found it’s hard for me to note down everything in my life. So I quitted.

    Similarly, it’s not easy for u to write a blog to detail ur life, is it? And what’s more difficult is that u just keep it going, u didn’t give it up. So that’s the precious core, I think.

    Maybe everyone who likes reading during childhood wanna be an author or sth alike, yet only those who has perseverance manage it. I believe you will be a success, Blake.

    Anyway, don’t forget to be splendid as u always are.


    Zephyria 😉

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