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Change is Good

I feel old, but in a good way.  I can now start sentences with ‘back in my day…’ and ‘I remember when…’ In fact I may be over using them, much to the annoyance of my friends but I’m going to keep doing it anyway! Coming from a city in the countryside where the biggest changes happened every decade or so, adjusting to city life, a constantly changing and growing environment has been an interesting experience. For the 2 and a half years I have been here, I have pretty much discovered something new every month, or something has changed.

I suppose one of the biggest examples would be the new wing being built onto the side of the Eldon building. I remember when (here I go again) I came to Portsmouth for an open day all those years ago and was taken into the building that USED to be there before it was knocked down. My dad and my now course leader had a long chat about important topics such as what was on the course, what were the employment prospects after the course, what kind of experience would I gain from the course? Meanwhile, I was marvelling at the hundreds of gaming magazines that were stacked on the shelves next to me along with a complete collection of Farscape dvds. I don’t remember much of that conversation, but I think I had made up my mind that this was the course for me when I left that office. My dad seemed pretty impressed too!

Change, of course, doesn’t always feel like a good thing but it has kept me on my toes and I don’t think I would be as confident in myself or be able to cope as well in stressful situations if I hadn’t been exposed to it. One sad change that has happened is the removal of a drinks dispenser in the Arts Café. I used to enjoy a small cup of hot chocolate from that machine after a long days programming. As that sweet liquid with the same composition of soil after a long period of rain went down my throat, I felt all the stresses of the day get washed away (and a few chocolatey pieces get stuck in my teeth). Now, however, it is gone. A change from which I thought I would never recover. As it turns out, it actually helped me overcome my nerves when it came to facing other people. When it comes to talking to strangers, I’ve always been uncomfortable, so approaching the counter in the café and purchasing something was generally out of the question.  Without my chocolatey goodness distributor, I had to face my fear and do the whole human interaction thing. Obviously, it turned out to be fine, now I can take advantage of their cup of tea for 70p which is a bargain and is the perfect thing after or during a lengthy period of work.


2 thoughts on “Change is Good

  1. Hmm.. I remember having a conversation about your career prospects if you went in for the gaming industry… I wonder what your course leader said back then! 😛

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