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Time is running out.

I’m at home in Oxford for the weekend, and I’ve been thinking about my family a lot, and my sister’s currently in her first year of university elsewhere in the country and I am so jealous of all the time she has ahead of her, the opportunities coming her way, and the fact she doesn’t have a dissertation to finish or the real world to face any time soon!

I can’t believe how quickly my time in Portsmouth has flown by and, when I’m not in the library finishing all my coursework, I intend on making the most of the months I’ve got left with the amazing friends I’ve made (that I hope I keep in touch with for the rest of my life).

Knowing that in under five months time I’ll be back in Oxfordshire with the rest of my life ahead of me and no more essays to hand in (ever!) is pretty exciting but it’s also pretty terrifying too, which I can’t deny. I just hope the work I’ve done whilst at Portsmouth will stand me in a good position for everything that’s about to come.

There have been ups and downs, highs and lows, bad grades, good grades, last minute revision sessions, long bouts of procrastination, and some of the best times I will ever have, and, honestly, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

For now, I better get on with sorting out content for the next issue of The Galleon (I have nothing so far!) and crack on with my dissertation.


2 thoughts on “Time is running out.

  1. Daniel Hilsden says:

    Life is an essay that you will continue to write as you live it – don’t think you’re getting away from essay writing that easily!

    I tricked myself into similar thinking when I graduated a couple of years ago.

    I appreciate that you’re very busy with your dissertation and The Galleon, but if you get some spare time – I’d love to ask you a few questions on student finances!

    Keep on blogging!


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