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Day Tripper

Saturday morning arrived, and I found myself on the train to London to meet with friends. An exciting, Japanese-themed day out lay ahead of us.  Once I had met my comrades, we were straight on the Underground to see a LOLcats art exhibition (take a look at this link to get an impression of what we went to see!

We then browsed a few shops, before descending once again for a Tube ride to Piccadilly Circus to find Japan Centre. After scoffing a hot and spicy Japanese chicken dish, there wasn’t much time to take a look because we were once again navigating the Underground system to make it to the Saddler’s Wells theatre. We arrived with little time to spare, and caught a performance of “The Shogun and the English Samurai” at 7.30pm.

The theatre was packed out, and being sat right at the very back we still had an excellent view of the production – though it was unbelievable how high above the stage we were! The play was mostly in Japanese (with English titles), and there were moments of hilarity and sadness, as well as samurai battles and great oriental music. It was definitely worth it.

By the time this had finished at 10.45pm, it was a mad dash back to Victoria to nab the last National Express coach back to Porty.

Even arriving home in the early hours of the morning, I was still buzzing. I had a great time! You can’t beat an excellent day out with a group of friends.


One thought on “Day Tripper

  1. zephyria says:

    Hey, Blake, seems u had a blast! O(∩_∩)O

    what is “a Tube ride” btw? do u mean “metro” or sth else? I didn’t get it.

    and what is a “The Shogun and the English Samurai”, are u refering to “shotgun”? sorry I didn’t understand becoz of my poor English. could u plz explain it to me in email sometime? Thx XD

    I love travel a lot, too. My friend and I are planning to take a trip after SF, we may go to an acient place, but everything is undecided, we still have time.

    sadly, I didn’t recruit many students to make money. It really disappointed me a little bit, so I wanna continue improving my English level, I gotta study my buckle off to gain my reputation so that I could impress students who wanna be taught by me.

    How about urs anyway, everything goes smoothly?

    Hope u have a nice weekend.


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