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Whoa, it’s crazy down here!

Christmas went by very fast and now seems so far gone! Work has mounted on me this term and to be honest I’m not very pleased with my results. So far I have passed but not with flying colours, think it’s time to change that! I guess it’s true what they say; First Year is a bit of a doss compared to the rest and second year is a lot harder!

I’m still events organiser for Show Choir which is still keeping me busy. Our next event is a Valentines gig at the Fat Fox on the 12th of Feb which should be really good! Very proud of myself for organising that one – Hey, why don’t you come along?

But on top of all that I now also have FOUR group projects just this term! I stupidly put myself forward for being co-ordinator for one of them so I’m kind of in charge :/ That’s a lot of stress and work 😦 But with so many group projects it gets confusing who’s in which group and what your meant to find out. I think the best thing is to start now and do as much as I can while I have time. Also with groups is that everything takes longer as you have to clarify all ideas and thoughts with the rest of the team.

Boyfriend also takes up a lot of my time at the moment and I don’t feel like I’m using my time to its full potential so that’s something to add to the resolutions.

On the plus side – I don’t have any issues with housemates now. New Year, New Start!

Its a busy but Frantastic Life!



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