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Halfway there!

Amazingly, I’m now officially half-way through my 3 year degree! What a landmark to reach! I must admit that I’m really enjoying the Second Year, though I am feeling the stress, and it now seems a little sad that next year will be my last.

However, I have decided to do a PGCE teaching qualification after graduation, as teaching has always been a career I have considered.

Though I thought I’d never say it, I have even entertained the idea of doing a Masters at some point as well!

So although I have completed half my time of my Undergraduate Degree, I think I will be spending more time at University than I had ever contemplated.


3 thoughts on “Halfway there!

  1. zephyria says:

    Hey, dear Blake, good to read ur new blog!

    But what does ” a PGCE teaching qualification ” mean, like a certificate for teaching? PGCE stands for? Sorry I don’t follow.

    It’s really nice to have u to be with whenever I need a “tree hole”, thank u sooooo! XDDDD

    Enjoy every day,


  2. Blake says:


    PGCE means Post Graduate Certificate in Education.
    It is a teaching qualification you can do at University after you have graduated. The course is one year long. Once you have completed it, it means you are qualified to teach a subject in schools and colleges.

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