Christmas, Home

First Term

After a busy first term I can safely say I am relieved to be going home for Christmas, the idea of spending three weeks with a dishwasher and someone to cook for me is delightful, leaving me to relax and see some of my friends who have also come home for the holidays.

Thinking back over my first 12 weeks at University it strangely feels like I have been here for longer and that the day my parents dropped me off was a lifetime ago, but at the same time it has gone so quickly! I can’t believe how much I have managed to fit into these 12 weeks, I spent one of them in Venice on a course trip, which was brilliant and I made some wonderful friends (who I’m coincidently going to be living with next year!) I’ve also completed several projects, proved that I actually CAN make models – something I always thought I was hopeless at in school, been to see Madness in concert and to see War Horse in the west end, on top of all my studies! I also went on a trip to Milton Keyes Ski Slope with Pompey Snow, the ski and snowboard society, which was really good fun!

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my first weeks of University (almost half way through the year -scary!) I actually really like cooking for myself and having to take a bit more responsibility in my life, though I could do with a dishwasher and someone to sort my washing out for me!

Its good to be home!


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