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It’s Christmas!

December again, and who knew it.

A Christmas tree has appeared in Park Building, and an even larger one in the Guildhall. I even saw an evening carol service there the other night. It really got me into the festive mood!

My weekend was spent pulling boxes of decorations from isolated attic cupboards, and this week our house has started on an internal transformation of tinsel and lights. Of course, I should have been working on the mountain of presentation and essay work which is looming over me. I think I will need to start spending every available second for frantic research and skim reading.

But no matter how much work there is to be done, I am going to ensure that there is still time to spend catching up with friends, a night by the fireplace and a mince pie after dinner. I live in the positive assumption that my work, somehow, will come together.

This Christmas, the best miracle will be handing in some decent work before the deadlines. Merry Christmas everyone!

You can see below the nicely decorated tree in Park Building (left) and the outdoor carol service in the Guildhall (right).


One thought on “It’s Christmas!

  1. zephyria says:

    Hey, I like the Park one a little bit more.

    There r many X’mas trees in China as well! And often someone will dress as Santa to give away candies during the festival.

    I really enjoyed ur articles, Blake. I guess u r so worth ur salt being a Galleon.

    Write on, plz. I’m ur big fan! 😉

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