What a Semester?!

I apoligise for not writing much this term but it has been a crazy period for me.

Living in this student house has highlighted several problems. I am extremely far out from uni which makes it difficult and an effort to get in. The buses arent reliable so I guess Im getting fitter that way 😉 I dont get on with one of my house mates which has pushed me out a bit but it has also made me a very busy person.

Being events organiser for show choir is keeping me on my toes and Ive just signed myself up for coorindator for one of my uni projects so more stress. All my deadlines are due in the next week so Ive got little time to go over them and make them expectable if I want my first. 

Lets just say theres alot in my head at the moment and remembering everything is turning out to be impossible. Paying bills and finance issues are common amongst students this term, money is being stretched and christmas present buying just doesnt help. Overall STRESSED! Bring on the three week christmas period!

Just Time to do a bit of advertising 🙂

Sunday 9th December – BAR 38 between 2pm – 5pm, Show Choir are performing some Christmas songs to spread the festive spirit! We are performing for READ Charity so please come on down and show your support.

Many Thanks!



3 thoughts on “What a Semester?!

  1. Oh dear… I know exactly what you mean with the stress… But it’s only two weeks to go, we’re going to be fine! 🙂
    Where do you live now? I live in Fratton, it’s a 15min walk to uni and I still find myself making excuses not to walk that distance. So lazy! 😉

  2. At least you’re going the right way about dealing with not getting on with a house mate. Much better to be positive and move on with your life than dwell on it and get upset!

  3. Sundance says:

    Oh, my DEAR Frans…

    You experienced a lot this semester. I can tell you’re excellent ‘coz you faced some

    troubles and you coped with them very well.

    I love busy life and I also like experiencing different life tastes like you. Although

    sometimes our life tastes bitter, I wanna say there’s nothing to regret in our life: if it’s

    good,that’ll be wonderful; if it’s bad, it’s an experience anyway.

    You’re very good~Keeping going~I hope your life will go smoothly next year~~

    Sundance:) (The Chinese girl might be your schoolmate next year~~~)

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