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Library tips.

Well, thanks to being in third year, and writing/editing articles all the time, I’ve been spending an awful lot of time in the library.

Here are my library tips.
1. Be quiet. It’s a library, not a nightclub. If you want to talk to your friends super loudly then The Union is pretty much next door.
2. Use the right study area. Group study for stress-free chatting and if you want to eat your lunch, quiet areas if you want to work in peace.
3. Be considerate. Not everyone wants to hear your phonecall about last night’s escapades.
4. Don’t be rude to the staff. I saw someone swear at a librarian the other day because the book she’d just taken out had been reserved already and there’s really no need.
5. Make the most of it. The library’s there for a reason!
6. Don’t eat where you’re not supposed to. You’re at least 18 years old now and following rules isn’t that hard! Stop chewing your gum so loudly as well.
7. If you’re wearing headphones, don’t turn the music up to full blast, thereby defeatign the point of headphones altogether.
8. Don’t be afraid to use the self service machines. The news ones are actually really easy to use.
9. Take a break now and again. Or you could end up like me, finding everything and everyone annoying.

The university library is a brilliant resource that we’re all really lucky to have so make sure you get down there one day and actually use it!


One thought on “Library tips.

  1. It shocks me that blog posts like this one still need to be written. We are all adults and should know these things! I used to think it was common sense… but apparently not.
    Great post by the way, I think I’ll share it on facebook and maybe some people will take the hint 😉

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