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Obama and Brazil – Progressing Through the Second Year

I am pleased that Mr Obama was successfully re-elected as the President of the United States of America for a second (and final) term. My prediction was correct, and I look forward to his future policies and actions as the President.

For those interested in the Americas more generally, you can catch Michael Palin’s journey through Brazil on BBC1, Wednesday evenings at 9pm.  And of course, watching Channel 4 repeats of Friends, Frasier and The Big Bang Theory counts as studying American culture, right?

I thought I’d mention that my Second Year is progressing well, yet I am reminded that Christmas is fast approaching. I have one big essay in before the festive break – I’d really better get started on that! As the weeks go by, I find myself thinking ahead 12 months and contemplating my Final Year. I know I shouldn’t – there’s still so much to be done right now – but it seems strange that I am no longer a Fresher.

The realisation that all my work could now decide the fate of my final grade is starting to sink in!


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