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What I really like about American Studies is that the subject is always changing, so there is always more to learn. No doubt you, dear reader, will be aware of Hurricane Sandy which has just wrecked its way through the Caribbean and along the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. It’s apparently the second most damaging hurricane ever, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Perhaps more intriguing will be the results of the upcoming Presidential Election in the US. The Democratic President, Barak Obama, is running against the Governor of Massachusetts, Republican candidate Mitt Romney. It all happens on Tuesday 6th November – so not long to wait! What policies would Obama pursue if he secures a second term in office? How would the election of Romney affect America’s foreign policy?

Of course it’s not all about the US – the recent elections in Venezuela saw the re-election of socialist President Hugo Chavez. How does this affect Venezuela’s relationship with other American countries?

As an American Studies student, I am encouraged to keep looking for deeper political implications which can be drawn from an election, and seeking the historical context within the situation.

(Between you and me, I’ll be betting my dollars on Obama to win).


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