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I’m On The Air!

At Freshers Fayre this year I joined up with Pure FM, the University’s student radio station. Live broadcasts started this week, and I have been given my own regular show! You’ll be able to catch my programme, Blakey’s ShakeUp, from 8-10pm every Wednesday. I’ll play a range of music with commentary and a bit of banter. Each week will also feature the ShakeUp, a section of the show when I will focus on a particular theme – a specific decade or style of music.

I am of course very nervous, but I am really looking forward to this challenge.

The best way to hear Pure FM is via the Facebook player here. View the range of shows on the official page here. And why not go to my show’s Facebook page here – don’t forget to leave a Like!


7 thoughts on “I’m On The Air!

  1. Zephyria says:

    Hi,this is Zephyria(“r”is not pronunced) from China!
    I’m considering to study in Portsmouth,and I found your bolg on the University’s website.So could you plz send me an email talking about how’s ur life & ur major in Port,how’s surroudings there & how do u like it? Moreover,would u plz tell me what’s ur advice on appling & studying in there?
    I’ll be grateful if u could reply,Blake.
    Take care,and look forward to ur new article.^_^

  2. Blake says:

    Hello Zephyria

    I am enjoying my course. I like the lecturers and I think there is a lot of support here and lots of activities to join in. My department is the School of Languages and Area studies (SLAS), and therefore I see a lot of Chinese students in my building, so I am sure you would find many other Chinese people to talk to. There are opportunities to improve your English as well. I can only speak about my department as there are so many courses at the University.

    I think Portsmouth is a good city, there are parks and you will be next to the sea. There is a lot to do as well.
    Moving from China is a really big decision, but we have many international students at Portsmouth. There is a big difference between going to a local University in your own country (as I am) and moving so far from your home to a different country.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do!


    • Zephyria says:

      Do u enjoy ur own life in UK or Portsmouth?

      Futhermore, would u plz tell some advantages about studying in there as well as disadvantages, plz?
      I am majoring in English in China, and I love languages. I know majors about language in Portsmouth is super, but I’m reluctant ‘coz the education, accommodation and other respects in UK is way too expensive.
      Everything is still in consideration.
      I’m really grateful for ur responses and time.


  3. Blake says:

    Although many students leave home when they study in the UK, I chose to stay at home because the University of Portsmouth offers the course I wanted right here. The financial cost of University is a concern for students, so staying at home has helped with the cost of University for me.
    UK students can get loans and grants of money, but I do not know if international students can get these. You would also have to pay international university fees, which I believe are very expensive. The cost of University is one of the biggest considerations for many students.

    I really like the lecturers on my course as they are always helpful and are very knowledgeable on their subjects. There are many clubs and societies too.

    The hardest thing about university is staying motivated to study in your private time. My course has about 12 hours of lectures per week, so there is a lot of private study.
    I know many people have to walk, cycle, get the bus or take a train to get to University, as students live in lots of places across the city.

    Thank your for your input, I am pleased that someone so far from Portsmouth is reading the blog!

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