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Second Year!

Well, I love Pompey but I am a bit disappointed with the number of uni buses provided. Once every 20 minutes isnt really enough for us lot far out of the city centre. Living near to Fratton Park has highlighted it’s difficulties as well as its strengths. For example, I feel there are not enough buses for the amount of people, I can’t always get on in the mornings which is not fun when its raining! Why cant there be buses every 10 minutes in peak times? Also walking in is a new experience, we’re like walking traffic with the amount of students trekking it in.

One Way Street

However being away from the university centre always means that I have to be even more organised with my days and plan activities to do within my frees. Maybe it will help with my studies this year, as year two has stepped up a level. Only being back a couple of weeks and I have already found out that the work load has increased, but I kind of like it. Having stuff to do and being busy always makes life a bit more fun and interesting.

I have become Events Organiser of Show Choir this year, which is exciting as well as scary. The amount of responsibility is incredible but I also have to be organised and determined. At the moment I am organising a Christmas Event so stay tuned!

Along with Show Choir, I am also doing Rock Climbing, something new to me but good exercise and the people are lovely! I would recommend to freshers (well everyone actually) to get envolved with anything and everything. Give new things a go, you dont have to continue with them if your not enjoying it!



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