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Dark, Cold Nights

Back in July I reminisced about a rainy afternoon spent down the pub with a friend. I wasn’t expecting that three months later I’d be at my laptop once again writing about the rain… but here we are! Fortunately we had some great weather for Fresher’s Fayre but since then it’s been wet, cold, blowy and overcast. I’ve was lugging my umbrella around with me last week, and I’m already wearing socks in bed and jumpers around the house!

I’m currently situated at my desk, a lamp casting warm light over me as I work while a new tune from Muse pumps through the speakers. The lonely wind is gusting against the windows in the deep blackness of the night, but I refuse to give it any attention.

I already feel plunged in with university work, and I’m currently signing up for several activities and clubs to join – so I’ve had to go to many meetings and information evenings over the last week and a half. There’s a lot going on, I’ll keep you informed of how things go!


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